Windows Commands

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I had kept these notes in a private wiki page for sometime. I hope moving it here will be helpful for searching.

Deleting a Service

sc delete servicename

To get name of the service that need to be deleted:

  1. Run services.msc
  2. Right click and get the service name

Checking whether a port is listening or not

netstat -na|find "PORTNUMBER"

To see all ports listening

netstat -na|find "LISTENING"

To check a service is started or not

net start|find "C:\Path\to\program"

Commenting in batch file

Use :: or REM followed by a space


:: this is a comment
REM this is another comment

Call a batch program inside another batch file

call <script.bat>

Query and remove terminal server sessions

Use qwinsta and rwinsta commands.


qwinsta /SERVER:IP
rwinsta /SERVER:IP

Check uptime of machine

net statistics server | find "since"

Run as different user