Installing Guile 2.2 on Fedora 26 using Guix

1 minute read

Few days before I upgraded to Fedora 26. Fedora has a package named guile22 which gives 2.2 version of Guile. But I wanted to try Guix. I noticed that there is Guix package in Copr repository. Then I enabled that repository and installed Guix.

# dnf copr enable lantw44/guix
# dnf install guix

First I started the guix-daemon service and enabled it:

# systemctl start guix-daemon.service
# systemctl enable guix-daemon.service

Then I tried to install Guile like this as a normal user (baiju):

$ guix package -i guile

But I had to guix pull before that:

$ guix pull

I was trying to do these things as a normal user. But there was some error about some permission issue for a directory. So I changed it like this:

chown baiju.baiju /var/guix/profiles/per-user/baiju

Then I tried the package installation again using the package -i subcommand.

After installation Guix showed me that I need to update my PATH. So I just updated my .bashrc like this (guix shows this after installation!):

export PATH="/home/baiju/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"  

When starting guile it was showing a warning like this: warning: failed to install locale

Then I found that glibc-locales package need to be installed and an environment variable need to be updated.

guix package -i glibc-locales
export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale

I also added the above environment variable setting in my .bashrc.

Now I have Guile 2.2 installed using Guix in my Fedora 26!