Golang workshops at Sahrdaya & Reboot Calicut

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Those who following me or Twitter or Facebook might be already seen my updates about Golang workshops at Sahrdaya college of engineering and Reboot Calicut.

My third Golang workshop was organized by Sahrdaya college of engineering as part of the faculty development program. Particants were mostly computer science teachers from various engineering colleges. This was interesting, because my first Golang workshop particants were computer science engineering students and second was professional software developers. The workshop was conducted on last week of April. I know, this is very late update ;)

As usual, Go was very new to all particants. The prgram went very well. Few photos from the workshop:

The 4th Golang workshop was in Calicut. Reboot Calicut is a new conference started in Calicut by software professionals. Since Calicut is my home town, I was very happy to accept their invitation. I can see that, the infrastructure in Calicut is improving every year. I hope this conference will help many software developers. The venue location was was very good. Few photos: