Request for Technical Review of My Go Book

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In the last blog post, I mentioned that I started working on my book about the Go programming language again. I think now is a good time to ask for technical reviews. So, I thought of requesting Go community members to do it for me. This blog is about why you should review and how you can do it. After reading this, if you are interested, please contact me via email:

Thanks for helping me with the technical reviewing of my book. Your feedback and suggestions are very much valuable to me in writing this book. I will show you how you can provide your feedback. Before that, let’s see why you should review my book?

  1. This book is going to help many people to learn Go programming. As a fellow Go community member, you are contributing to this effort.
  2. Your feedback is going to influence the content of the book.
  3. As you study the book with a critical mind, you are enhancing your Go knowledge. The learning is more intense than reading a book casually.
  4. You will be required to refer other works to verify the content in the text. This will help you to broaden your knowledge on the subject.
  5. You are supporting a fellow Go community member. This will motivate me to contribute more.

Bonus 1: You are getting the free PDF copy of the book.

Bonus 2: Your name will be mentioned in the book at the beginning in the acknowledgment just after the preface.

Now I want to provide some suggestions on how you can help me with the book review. Ask these kinds of questions while you are going through the book.

  1. How is the organization of the chapters in the book?
  2. How is the organization of sections under each chapter?
  3. Is the book consistent throughout all the pages? (Consider consistency of organization, style of writing, terminology usage, etc.)
  4. Is there any essential point missed when explaining a particular topic?
  5. Is the logical flow of introducing the concepts easy to follow?
  6. Is the narrative clear, reasonable, and compelling?
  7. Are the examples and exercises short and easy to understand?
  8. Did you notice any sentence or paragraph that is difficult to understand?
  9. Did you see an opportunity to add a side-note which will be helpful to the reader?
  10. Did you notice any awkward English language usage? (You can ignore minor language issues.)
  11. How to make this book more interesting? Any thoughts?

When you send me feedback about a particular chapter, please specify the chapter title. If the input is about a section, please include the section number and chapter title. No need to mention the page number as it may change.

You don’t need to wait for completing the whole book to send me the review comments. As soon as you finish one chapter or even one section, you can send the feedback.

Sometimes I may not be able to work on your feedback immediately. But I will add it to my action items as soon as possible. I will send you updated copies as I make progress.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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