A Comprehensive Guide to Go Programming

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This is the first time I am writing about my recent book on my blog. It’s an introductory book on Go programming language. Well, I started the project sometimes back around mid of 2015. I made some progress, then self-published it through Gumroad. I was hoping that I could make progress eventually. Giving free updated copies of the book through Gumroad is easy. That was the main reason I decided to use Gumroad. But that plan didn’t work out as expected. Fortunately, not many had bought them for their disappointment. In fact, I never tried to market the book. I went back to writing on an off in the last few years. I do not want to list out all the excuses for not finishing the book.

After my recent updates, now the book should be in a usable state. However, some of the chapters still need more work. I don’t want to make big promises. I am trying my best to refine the later chapters of the book which requires more attention.

If you would like to buy the ebook, visit the book site here: https://golang.muthukadan.net. There is also a form to receive free chapters of the book.

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