Baiju Muthukadan

PCI passthrough in virt manager for network interface (NIC)

I own a mini pc with 4 ethernet ports and WiFi. I use QEMU/KVM for virtualization through virt-manager and somtimes I also use virsh command line interface. To use the network ports from the VM, I add the hardware from the UI as given here: Once it’s added, I update my /etc/network/interfaces with DHCP configuration: allow-hotplug enp1s0 iface enp1s0 inet dhcp

Updating ASUS Motherboard Firmware

Recently I updated my PC’s motherboard firmware. The ASUS Motherboard firmware comes with a Microsoft Windows executable program to rename the firmware program file. Originally it came with a generic lengthy name. But that needs to be changed with a particular name and copied to a USB device. The downloaded Zip file contains a Microsoft Windows executable program to rename it. Since I use GNU/Linux and have no access to the Microsft Windows system, I used Wine to execute the program.