Fabric8 Planner

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Yesterday Red Hat announced OpenShift.io. For last 9 months, I was working on one part of that system called Planner. In simple words, Planner is a project & issue tracking system. In fact, most of my work was in the upstream project called Fabric8.

I am still working on the Planner project. Since this is an open source project, I can write about it in my blog :) Though there will be few things that I won’t be able to share publicly. For example, I was not allowed to write about OpenShift.io before that was publicly announced.

I am planning to write a series of blogs about Fabric8 mostly focusing on Planner. I am also giving a talk about Fabric8 at DevConf.in 2017 which is a sub-conference under Rootconf 2017.

I am working on the backend for Planner which is written in Go. If you are interested to contribute, I would be happy to talk to you. You can reach me at #fabric8-planner IRC channel in freenode.net

All our technical discussions will be happening at our development group. You are welcome to join and participate in the discussions!

Update: Added link to Google group.